Topping up your NHS Pension

Whether you're planning ahead or ready to retire, your employer wants to help you make the right choices.

What does retirement cost?

You can choose to top up your main NHS pension scheme to help you get the retirement you want. This can be done through the Group Stakeholder or Group Additional Voluntary Contribution (GAVC) plan, both provided by Standard Life. Get a feel for how much money you might need - and how much you could get back from your pension.

How much will you need?

Get startedJoining your top up plan

Topping up your workplace pension offers you a simple, tax efficient way to save for your retirement. You'll simply make payments while you are working that are invested into the funds you choose. Then when you retire, the value of your pension fund provides you with a taxable income for the rest of your life. You’ll start receiving tax benefits from the Government on your contributions

What does this mean for you?Pension flexibility

Everyone has control over how they take money from their pension.

There’s a minimum age after which you can withdraw money, but pensions are now one of the most tax-efficient and flexible ways to save for the future.

Your payment choicesHow much should you pay?

It’s up to you - as long as you meet any minimum payment levels. But remember, paying in a little bit more now could make a big difference when you retire.


Manage your pension online

Check your pension value, investments and more, easily and securely online.

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About to retire?

You've worked hard all your life to get to this point, so it makes sense to get the most from your pension with a little preparation and planning. There's lots of helpful information right here, including a step by step guide to help you figure out what you should do when.



Your pension is normally a long term investment and you usually can't withdraw money until the age of 55 (57 from 2028). As with any investment, the value can go up or down and may be worth less than what was paid in.