Not eligible for automatic enrolment?

Not everyone will be automatically enrolled in the Howdens Retirement Savings Plan. For example, you may be under 22 or earning less than £10,000 a year before tax. Just because you will not be included automatically does not mean you can't benefit from being part of the Howdens Retirement Savings Plan.

The options you have depend on your age and how much you earn. And remember, as you get older or your salary increases, your situation might change, which means you could be automatically enrolled in the future.

Choose to join

You can choose to join your company pension at any time, if you are:

  • Between 16 and 21 or between state pension age and 74, and you earn over £10,000 a year; or
  • Between 16 and 74, and you earn between £6,240 and £10,000 a year

The only difference is you won’t be automatically enrolled into the company pension. Instead, you’ll have to let your employer know you want to join.

What you get if you join

You'll usually get a contribution from your employer - and tax benefits on any payments you make.

Starting a pension is a solid way to save for the future - and the earlier you start the better. Even saving a small amount now can have a big impact on the amount you get when you begin to access your pension savings.

Find out more about company pensions

How to join

You can join the company pension at any time. Just tell your employer you want to join and they’ll let you know what you need to do.

You’ll still have one month from joining the company pension to decide whether you want to stay in the plan or opt out.


Ask to join

You can ask your employer to join you to a company pension, if you are:

  • Aged between 16 and 74, and
  • Earning less than £6,240 a year

What you get if you join

You'll be set up with a company pension. You'll receive tax benefits from HMRC on any payments you make, but you may not get contributions from your employer.

Paying into your company pension will help you save for a better retirement. Your savings are yours and they stay with you even if you change jobs. The earlier you start saving, the longer your pension has to build up, and the more money you’ll have to enjoy retirement.

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How to join

If you want to join a company pension, you need to ask your employer for details about the options available to you.


Important documents

To help you make an informed decision we've provided you with important information that you should read. You should print or save copies of these documents for future reference.

This is where you will find specific details about your employer’s company pension.

Plan summary document (PDF, 73kb)

This document explains the features of the pension product your employer has chosen.

Key features document (PDF, 288kb)

This document gives you an illustration of what your pension could be worth.

Key features illustration (PDF, 164kb)

Read this guide for more information about how pensions work if you make payments through salary exchange.

Planning for more in retirement  (PDF, 2.31Mb)

Read this guide for more information on your investment options, including details about charges and fund codes.

How to choose the right investment options for your pension (PDF, 1.17Mb)

Use this form if you would like to join the plan and you aren't being automatically enrolled.

Authorisation form (PDF, 258kb)

Read this form for more information on Salary Exchange. This form has been provided by Howdens. Standard Life aren't responsible for the content of this guide.

Salary exchange factsheet (PDF, 203kb)

Presentation for members of the Howden Joinery Auto Enrolment Pension Scheme.

The Howden Joinery pension presentation (Recording)