Opting out

Key questions about opting out

When can you opt out?

A company pension is a valuable benefit, and it can make a lot of sense to stay in. But you'll be given a month to decide if you want to stay in or opt out.

Remember, if you decide to opt out you’ll miss out on the extra money from your employer and tax benefits from HMRC.

If I opt out, does that mean I’m out for good?

No. Roughly every three years, if you still meet the criteria, you will be automatically re-enrolled. Your employer will let you know when this is going to happen.

What if I want back in before three years comes around?

Your employer has to give you the opportunity to rejoin, but you may have to wait up to 12 months before you can do this. Ask your employer for more details.


You'll have a month to opt out

When you become a member of the the Howdens Retirement Savings Plan, Standard Life will contact you to confirm your membership and plan number. They'll also send you information about accessing online servicing, which you can use to manage your pension online.

Howdens or Standard Life will confirm how you can opt out.

This will either be direct with Standard Life through online servicing (or over the phone on 0345 272 8837), or using another method that your employer will tell you about. Calls may be monitored and/or recorded to protect you and us, and help with our training. Call charges will vary.