Will you be automatically enrolled?

Being automatically enrolled

If you're not already in the Howdens Retirement Savings Plan and you can say yes to these questions, then it's likely you'll automatically become a member.

  • Are you aged between 22 and state pension age? For someone retiring today, state pension age is already over 66, and it's due to rise even higher in the future.
  • Do you earn more than £10,000 a year before tax?
  • Do you usually work in the UK?

Howdens will let you know when this is going to happen.

Howdens may have set a waiting period before you will be automatically enrolled. They will let you know more about this.

Not eligible for auto-enrolment

Even if you can’t say yes to all the questions, you still might be able to join the company pension.

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Already in your company pension

You may already be benefiting from extra money from your employer and tax benefits from HMRC. But are your pension savings working as hard as they can be for you?

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