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This page provides information about the Plan, a Group Stakeholder Pension Plan provided by Standard Life Assurance Limited.

Plan information

The DB Stakeholder pension was available to many employees of DB Group Services (UK) Ltd until 15 April 2007.

After that date, if you were eligible to join the DB Flexible Retirement Plan, personal contributions paid by DB Group Services (UK) Limited on your behalf under the DB Stakeholder Pension Plan were redirected to the new DB Flexible Retirement Plan.

The DB Stakeholder Pension Plan is now closed to new members.

Read this guide for more information on the tax benefits and tax charges that can apply to your pension.

Information about tax relief, limits and your pension (PDF, 190KB)

Please contact Standard Life if you would like a copy of the policy provisions that apply to your DB Stakeholder pension.

Members can update or nominate beneficiaries by visiting MyDBPension Hub.

Investment options

Existing members of the plan have access to a range of investment funds as well as some lifestyle profiles.

Find out more about the options available in this guide:

How to choose the right investment options for your pension (PDF, 2.11MB)


You can access more information on our funds, including details of past performance and fund fact sheets, on Standard Life's website.

Visit standardlife.co.uk.

As a member of the DB Stakeholder pension you also have access to the following funds which are not shown on our UK website:

SL Aberdeen Life Sterling Bond Pension Fund

SL Aberdeen Life Global (Ex UK) Equity Pension Fund

SL Aberdeen Life UK and Global (50/50) Equity Pension Fund

SL Aberdeen Life UK Equity Pension Fund

SL Aberdeen Life Multi-Asset Pension Fund


Transferring to the DB Flexible Retirement Plan

You can transfer the amount you have built up in your DB Stakeholder Pension Plan to the DB Flexible Retirement Plan.

Transferring will not be right for everyone. You need to consider all the facts and decide if it's right for you. We recommend that you seek financial advice before deciding whether or not you wish to transfer. There is likely to be a charge for this.

Find out more about transferring to the DB Flexible Retirement Plan

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