Investment choices

Where your money is invested is up to you. There are choices to suit your level of experience with investing and how involved you want to be with managing your investments.

As with any investment its value can go down as well as up and may be worth less than what was paid in. Before you choose an investment option, make sure you understand its aims and risks.


Low-involvement option – Default

The default option is a lifestyle profile, which means that as you get closer to retirement, it will gradually and automatically move your money into funds which aim to prepare your pension savings for retirement.

You should make sure any lifestyle profile you choose matches how you plan to take your retirement income.

As lifestyle profiles make changes to your investments based on your selected retirement date, they may only be suitable if you're planning to start taking your retirement income on this date.

If you're in a lifestyle profile, you can’t invest in any other lifestyle profile or funds.

You can also choose from two alternative lifestyle profiles:

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Annuity Lifestyle >

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Lifestyle profile funds

If you are invested in a Lifestyle profile you can find out more about the funds that your money will be invested in by clicking on the links below for the relevant Lifestyle profile.

Useful documents

Investment Guide for the BAE Systems Executive Pension Scheme - 2006 Section (PDF, 578KB)

The Trustee has provided you with the following useful documents. Standard Life Assurance Limited are not responsible for the content of these documents.

Investment Instruction Form (PDF, 292KB)

Target Retirement Age Change Form (PDF, 186KB)

Do you need help?

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If calling from overseas: +44(0)121 415 0891.


Get some guidance

Members over 50 can get free retirement guidance from the government’s Pension Wise service.

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