Choose your own investment options

If you want more choice - or more control - over where your money is invested you can choose your own funds.

There are choices to suit your level of investment experience – and how much time you want to spend monitoring and managing your investments. And, you can switch to different funds as your circumstances change.

Remember that with investments the value can go down as well as up and they may be worth less than what was paid in. If you need help with choosing your investments, you should seek financial advice.

Choosing your own funds can be a good option if:

  • You want freedom to choose where your money is invested
  • You have a good idea of how you want to invest, or
  • You’ve taken professional advice

Choose your own options

1. Strategic lifestyle profiles

An option that is managed on your behalf as you approach retirement

These automatically move your money into investments that are more appropriate as you approach retirement. You choose the profile which most closely matches your attitude to risk and how you want your money to be managed.

More about strategic lifestyle profiles

2. Risk-based funds

Risk-based funds are a simple way to invest. You just need to decide how much risk you’re able and prepared to take with your investments, and the style of fund you want to invest in. You can mix and match funds to create your own investment portfolio.

3. Full fund range

If you’re confident about investing then you can choose from the whole fund range. This gives you access to investment options covering all the main asset classes and geographical regions.

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